The museum displays the private family collection of its founders Gia Jokhtaberidze and Manana Shevardnadze, which includes 3,500 artworks by almost 80 artists. 


The Museum

The museum’s exhibition area covers 7,000 square meters, and its unique repository is large enough to store 6,000 square meters of paintings.  The museum also offers a 120-seat conference hall and a 300 square meter space for temporary exhibitions.

The building’s central façade features a statue of an eagle as the museum’s symbol created after three 2nd-1st centuries BC miniature eagle sculptures discovered during archeological excavations in Vani caves, Western Georgia.

The museum is designed to promote contemporary Georgian fine arts, further to inspire artists and to enable arts experts to carry out studies. The space has already emerged as a cultural and educational hub for youth.  The museum’s current collection will be replenished with new works, and temporary exhibitions will be held along with the permanent exposition.  The museum’s importance is invaluable in that it targets both Georgian society and foreign visitors seeking to familiarize themselves with Georgian culture.

The museum’s visitors, among others, are invited to enjoy the Museum Café and the Museum Shop, also the Art House state-of-the-art complex, which, in turn, consists of restaurants, cafes, a lounge, a swimming pool, a fitness club, and a Georgian designers’ boutique.  The three-story underground parking can accommodate 155 vehicles at a time.

The Georgian Museum of Fine Arts is open for everyone and its key aspiration is to introduce the whole world to the Georgian contemporary art,  lifestyle, what moves our nation, and what traditions sustain it.

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